6x DNA Loading Dye Buffer Orange and Blue

For in vitro use only



6x DNA Loading Dye Buffer Orange and Blue can be used for loading DNA samples (PCR products, restriction fragments) on agarose or polyacrylamide gel. In 1% agarose gel Orange G comigrates with ~40 bp (1 x TBE) or ~60 bp (1 x TAE) fragments and Xylene Cyanole FF comigrates with ~3500 bp (1 x TBE) or ~5000 bp (1 x TAE) fragments.


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Reagent Composition:

Orange G, Xylene Cyanole FF, TRIS-HCl, EDTA and Ficoll



No interaction with the borate on TBE gels is observed, altering local pH due to the Ficoll component.


Shipping and Storage Conditions:

Store at room temperature or at 4ºC.
For longer periods, store at -20ºC.

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Sample size: 0.1 ml

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For research use only.
No components from animal or human origin

Some applications this product is used in may require a license which is not provided by the purchase of this product. Users should obtain the license if required.


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